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HCL offers a wide variety of items to include Manuals & Updates, specialty program policies & forms, orientations, forms, admit packets, inservice materials and small books.

Beginning in January 2018, HealthCare ConsultLink will be introducing electronic manuals. Manuals will be accessible from any internet enabled device and fully searchable. No more printing of updates...every time you log in you will be viewing the most current version of your customized manual!

Home Health Manuals

  • Licensed Policy Manual (state), also available for TJC
  • Licensed and Certified Policy Manual (Medicare), also available for ACHC, CHAP and TJC
  • PAS Policy Manual (Personal Assistance Services), also available for TJC
  • Forms Manual
  • Quality Improvement Manual (QAPI)

Hospice Manuals

  • Hospice Licensed and Certified Policy manual, also available for ACHC, CHAP and TJC
  • Forms Manual
  • QAPI Manual
  • Bereavement Letters

Specialty Program Policies

  • CBA – Community Based Alternatives
  • PHC/FC – Primary Home Care/Family Care
  • CCP – Comprehensive Children’s Program
  • MDCP – Medically Dependent Children’s Program
  • Compliance Program
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Psychoactive Therapy
  • Branch or ADS

Orientation Manuals

  • General Orientation Manual
  • Skilled Nursing Orientation Manual
  • Home Health Aide Orientation Manual
  • Attendant Orientation Manual
  • Hospice General Orientation Manual
  • Hospice Training Education Manual
  • Volunteer Orientation Manual


  • Emergency Preparedness Toolbox
    •  LC Home Health
    •  Hospice
    •  PAS
    •  Lic CCP Therapy
    •  Medicare Home Health
    •  Medicare Hospice
    •  Medicare Home Health
    •  LC CHAP Home Health
  • Brief Looks – Inservice Education

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