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CMS Announces No Active Medicare Provider Enrollment Moratoria in any State or US Territories

CMS Announces No Active Medicare Provider Enrollment Moratoria in any State or US Territories

According to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website, the Moratoria for Medicare Provider Enrollment has been lifted as of January 30, 2019.

Opening a Home Health agency can be challenging. Since 1996, our expert home health consultants have been guiding agency owners through the process of start up, from application to survey. HealthCare ConsultLink has a proven track record of successful agency startups, which is what you need in a partner.

HealthCare ConsultLink provides consulting for Medicare home health startups and accredited licensed and certified online manuals as follows:

  • Licensed and Certified ACHC Startups
  • Licensed and Certified TJC Startups
  • Licensed and Certified CHAP Startups

Agency Startup packages include:

  • Assistance with completion of state and federal applications for licensure and certification
  • Assistance with application for accreditation (if needed)
  • Assistance with and review of accreditation self-studies for compliance (if needed)
  • Establish Business Profile
    • Board of Director's Agenda with sample minutes
    • Organizational Chart
    • Letters of Authority
    • Contingency Agreement
  • Management Training
    • Compliance with state and federal regulations and accreditation standards
    • Mandatory meeting requirements
    • Operational processes
    • QAPI standards
  • Education and in-service to staff regarding the following
    • Compliance with state and Medicare regulations
    • Proper documentation and forms education
    • QAPI training forms
    • Admission, discharge and ABN procedures and forms
    • Overview of accreditation policy and procedure manual (if needed)
  • Oversight of personnel files
  • Oversight of patient files
  • Establish QAPI program with manuals, complaint log, incident log, infection control log, emergency preparedness, patient satisfaction process, audit tools, annual QAPI plan, and Performance improvement plans
  • Mock survey prior to calling for accreditation survey to include both clinical and operational surveys (if needed)
  • Availability by phone, as needed

For more information on our startup consulting packages, please contact us at (888) 258-1894 or

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